Our Services

Our Advisory Services are trusted by leading firms.
We focus on creating and sustaining value for our clients.
Our core services are IT Consulting, Blockchain and Business Advisory Services.

IT Advisory

We work with senior leadership across functional areas, applying our expertise and industry knowledge to develop innovative, technology-driven solutions to solve our clients’ business challenges and help them grow and achieve financial results.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisory

Our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisory Services have been developed to help organisations become proficient in Blockchain technology.
We offer educated information and options so that you can leverage your blockchain journey, and with the flexibility to move forward at a pace that fits your specific requirements.

Remote Advisory

As companies begin to seriously investigate Blockchain and how it could positively disrupt their business, we offer a solution to get their initial questions and concerns answered. Our Remote Blockchain Advisory Service provides a dedicated resource who can be contacted ‘On-Demand’ to collaborate with your team when needed.
Set up conference calls with your team.
Brainstorming sessions to help address some of your initial needs.
Opportunity to stay up to date on the ever changing Blockchain ecosystem.
Keep abreast of the Cryptocurrency and ICO markets.

Training & Workshop

Our training and workshops have been developed to provide the foundation to comprehend blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Introduction to Blockchain

For companies that are beginning their Blockchain journey, this workshop offers education and insight on the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.
The difference between Bitcoin, Alternative coins and Blockchain.
Case Studies for industry verticals, for example – Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance, and Government.
How Blockchain is being leveraged on a global level.
What are Smart Contracts and how can they be taken advantage of.
The Value of combining Blockchain with other innovative and disruptive technologies e.g. IoT, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.
Investing in and Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain for executives

Blockchain technology is disrupting business and economy. Senior leadership teams need to understand early on how to prepare for it. This workshop will provide the Executive and Management team with a proper understanding of Blockchain technology and insights to take advantage of it.
Learn what your competitors and peers are doing with Blockchain.
Benefits and Risks of implementing and using Blockchain.
Possible areas for ROI by using Blockchain.
Impact of Blockchain on corporate strategy, organisational structure, business processes, governance, talent and legacy systems.
Planning for disruptions that Blockchain will bring to business processes.
Investing in and Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Implementing Blockchain

So you’ve decided to explore the possibility or are in the process of implementing Blockchain within your organisation but with anything new getting started is always the first challenge to overcome, This workshop provides key information and insights to understand who needs to be involved and what should be the right approach.
Where can Blockchain be implemented first in the organisation.
What teams need to be involved and possible training initiatives.
What results you are looking to achieve.
What basic standards should be followed.
What bottlenecks in the organisation need to be address.